Spread the love, donate a cupcake

Assalamu Alaikum Waraghmatulaahi Wabarakatu

I greet you with the universal greeting of peace

Cupcakes4Kids poster 23 June high resWho said carbs are all bad? I stumbled onto a post on Facebook this week about National cupcake day. Oooooh; a perfectly valid excuse to stuff my face with cupcakes? I think not! It was a request asking for donations of cupcakes for the 26th September 2015. I left a comment with my details and ended up on Cupcakes of Hope.

Cupcakes of Hope is a Non-Profit organization that aims to raise awareness and funds for families in need of medical assistance who has children affected by Cancer. They do this by baking cupcakes. They host National Cupcake day annually to raise funds and the initiative has been successful since its inception in 2009.

In their own words “We have several events during the year but our main event is hosting South Africa’s National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer in September. This is an entirely community-driven project and an amazing event that brings the whole community together for an awesome cause! As September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we distribute leaflets with the Early Cancer Warning Signs

Their website is not only easy on the eye but is comprehensive in terms of information offered should you be interested in participating in National Cupcake day. It includes a list of 70 malls nationwide that will be participating in National Cupcake day this year. The list includes contact details for the coordinator that can be contacted should you wish to make a donation of cupcakes. All they require is that the cupcakes be made with love.
I think this is a simply wonderful initiative and hope to spread the word by doing this post. I know some amazing bakers so I hope you will all get involved. So come on spread the love and bake a cupcake!

For updates please like their FB Page.

Thank you for reading, until next time.


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