#CTConfidence: The Introduction

Assalamu Alaikum Waraghmatulaahi Wabarakatu

I greet you with the universal greeting of peace

Earlier this week I visited Becoming you a well-known blog by Kathryn Rossiter. I think the fact that I landed on this post was divine intervention. The post dealt with an issue that I had struggled with for most of my life. I know that most people struggle with this but  Allah forbid it should be spoken about honestly. So as with any other blog give away I entered. But the question has been playing on my mind ever since. The truth is that my whole life I struggled with who I am and my self-worth. I only stepped into my skin and claimed my identity three years and seven month ago. ever since then I am no longer shy or apologetic about who I am. I am a Muslim woman. I am colored and from the Cape Flats ( no that’s not geographically correct for ghetto!) I am a working mother with not much time for hobbies. And I am a second time blogger  (no this is not my first rodeo but that’s a post for another day).

So back to Kathryn’s question. You know how someone asks you a question and you answer yet you are left feeling like you didn’t really nail it?! That’s how I have been feeling.

The question:

“What does confidence mean to you?”

My answer:

Confidence to me means accepting yourself and knowing who you are. Accepting your strengths and weaknesses and loving yourself regardless of your shortcomings as you perceive them. Confidence comes from knowing who you are and what you bring to the world and those around you.

My findings upon further reflection:

Confidence means knowing that

269c9027edb50145eb2003a91738a7f4Confidence means understanding that

beautiful-quotes-tumblr-jd5mbuphConfidence sometimes means you have to

stand-up-for-what-you-believe-in-even-if-it-means-standing-alone-1I think I could go on and on but I wont. What I will say the journey to self acceptance ad self-love is a hard one but not an impossible one. Confidence is born from self acceptance. Until you can learn to love yourself and all aspects of yourself you will never step out in confidence with authentic power to touch the world around you in a positive way.

Thank you for reading, until next time.


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