An open letter to my daughter

Assalamu Alaikum Waraghmatulaahi Wabarakatu

I greet you with the universal greeting of peace


My eie eie meisie kind

My first-born my baby girl. As we approach your sixteenth birthday I am sadly excited. I am excited about the fact that all the people we love are as excited as we are to celebrate your birthday with us. I am excited that we have this opportunity to come together all under one roof and break bread together. I am excited for all the laughter, silliness and togetherness to come. I am excited for you. It is your birthday after all.

This letter is to you but is in essence all about me. You see; sweet child of mine. I need a moment to tell you how I truly feel as your mom. My baby girl I love you. I will love you until Allah comes and takes me. I will love you no matter what you do. No one no matter where you go and who you meet  no person will ever love you as much as I do. The only love greater than mine is the love of Allah and I pray that you discover that love in your lifetime In Shaa Allah Ameen.

You see Allah gave borrowed you to me. I tend to forget that. I say MY daughter all the time. But you are actually a trust given to me for a little while to look after and nurture. But all I want to do is keep you. I want to keep you all to myself. And so I have a bitter-sweet feeling because I am meant to give you roots and wings.

I want to go back to this time 10405380_10206523293856902_7644465511071786471_n The time when you sat on my lap, threw your arms around my neck and gave me wet kisses. I miss that time. I was your super mommy. You were my precious china doll. I really played dolly with you, dressing you up. My own living dolly. I was never more whole than when you were in my embrace.

But now we are here:11069427_10205687613725421_1156259537757303101_nMy rebel. My beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, funny, irritating, silly, moody beautiful girl. No longer a girl not yet a woman. And I cannot deny in the not so distant future you will want to venture out, leave the nest to test your wings. And I know I cannot stop it. It is after all in Allah’s plan for you to grow up. So all I can do is what I always do for you. I will make Duah (pray) for you.


I make duah for you my baby girl. May  Allah almighty protect you and keep you

May Allah grant you a life filled with Barakah and Ghair

May Allah grant me the strength to be the mother that you need and deserve

May He keep you within the fold of Islam and grant you to grow up a humble and pious Muslim

May Allah grant you to become steadfast and may He grant you guidance

May He increase the love and the compassion you have in your heart for others. My baby never lose that.

Shaficka I make duah that as you grow you will always remember to be good and kind. Life is too short and precious not to be

I make duah my child that you will find your way

That you will have the courage to live your life as Allah intended you to live

That you will honor everyone and everything that you have been blessed with

I pray that Allah will nurture your talent and that He will give us the ability to nurture your talent so that it may be used to do good

10404530_10205342237851240_3796273051811587419_nI make duah that Allah will grant you success in this life as well as in the hereafter

O Allah hear and Accept


Mubarak on your 16th birthday Shaficka with love from Daddy, Mommy and Noor Ahmed

Shukran for reading


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